KampKuz has top quality camping and military supplies including high lumen output flashlights from Fenix and 4Sevens.

All products are field tested and guaranteed to meet your extreme needs. Click on a specific product below for more details.


New Fenix RC40 -- Max 3500 Lumens!

With its exclusive RAPID SCAN BEAM and excellent throw and coverage, this is sure to meet your field operations and more. The 710-meter throw is excellent for long range identification. It's 90-degree wide beam is perfect for maximum close-range coverage.

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The Fenix TK41 is a high-intensity multifunction flashlight powered by AA batteries.

Featuring a max 800 lumens output and the over ten days ultra long runtime, the light can meet your illuminating needs unconditionally. In the meanwhile, the uniqe design makes TK41 much more compact and lightweight.

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The Fenix TK45 is inspired by a mini-gun and is comparable to a car headlight.

The Fenix TK45 features three lighting heads inspired by the appearance of a mini-gun. It throws a max 760 lumens output by utilizing three Cree XP-G R5 LED's, much brighter than a 10W HID light, and comparable to a car headlight, making TK45 a miracle in medium sized flashlights.

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FEIT Electric 500 Lumens LED Flashlights, 2-Pack

bug-a-salt-2New from Feit Electric, 500 lumens high performance flashlights featuring CREE LED bulbs. Featuring a sliding zoom which allows the user to quickly switch zoom modes by sliding the flashlight head. Use narrow zoom for lighting objects at long distances. Use wide zoom to fill the area with light.

Price: $75.00 for (2)



These powerful flashlights offer 4 modes: High: 500 lumens beam (7 hour run time), Low: 295 lumens beam (10 hour run time), Tactical Strobe, and SOS mode to signal for help. The tailcap rubber dome switch allows the user to change modes if partially clicked or clicked on-off quickly, otherwise it remembers the last mode. Body is made from aircraft grade aluminum. Knurled handles help keep the light in the users hand in all types of conditions. CREE bulb offers cutting edge LED technology. Requires 3 "C" size batteries per flashlight (included). Includes wrist strap.

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